Before You Put Your Home on the Market...

Arrange your pre-listing home inspection in Cape Coral, FL

Ready to sell your home in Florida? Make sure it's a safe and secure place to live. Brick By Brick Home Inspections conducts pre-listing home inspections in the Cape Coral, FL area. Our inspector works with real estate agents and current homeowners - completing thorough visual examinations to detect any current and potential problems.

Learn the status of your home before putting it on the market. Call Brick By Brick Home Inspections today to arrange a time for your inspection.

Diving deep for your home's inspection

Diving deep for your home's inspection

For pre-listing inspections, we go a step further. You'll have an inspector and a consultant during the selling process. Count on our inspector to:

  • Evaluate the condition of the exterior
  • Examine the structure and foundation of a home
  • Check breakers and wiring
  • Take a close look at heating and cooling units
  • Evaluate ducts and filters
  • Examine the plumbing
  • Check the lighting
  • Recommend cosmetic improvements
  • Provide tips and tricks for selling

This is only a taste of what we can do for you during your home's inspection. We want your home to be an enticing option for buyers in the local market. Call Brick By Brick Home Inspections right now to arrange your pre-listing inspection in Cape Coral, FL.